SECOBRA Recherches has developed selection programs for small-grain cereals adapted to the numerous evolutions of the industry and the pedo-climatic conditions. At this time, the Selection teams carry out 2,000 crosses per year of Soft Winter Wheat, 8,000 of Winter Barley and 1,500 of Spring Barley by way of our different selection sites.

Virtuously, the profits are reinvested in Research.


Indeed, varietal creation is the cornerstone of our company. For more than 100 years, SECOBRA Recherches has accompanied farmers and the industry in their variety research, answering to several criteria: yield, agronomical stability and quality. These requirements have evolved and the breeder has to adapt to these needs, positioning his selection with the goal of answering the challenges of Agriculture, both today’s and tomorrow’s:

  • Produce more, while respecting the environment as much as possible
  • Adapt the varieties to climate evolutions (precocity, diseases, parasites), with the best yield stability
  • Integrate resistance in a sustainable manner
  • Meet the expectations of the industry (quality, stability, cost-savings and sustainable economy)

SECOBRA Recherches has deployed significant means


Around ten thousand trial plots

observed and analyzed to test the agronomical and technological behavior of the lines.


Seeds beds

which have been artificially or naturally infested with different diseases implanted in different parts of Europe and the world. This allows for the evaluation of varietal resistance by covering almost all of the actual pathogenic races.


A laboratory to study the quality

of wheat and barley, allowing for the realization of micro-malting, the analysis of malt and baker-quality predictive tests.


The shipping of samples

to manufacturers for analyses carried out under real conditions.